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“Virvolta” earring

“Virvolta” earring


With this creation triple possibilities| you can wear them in zirconium star chip  discretion and  assured chic or  more color and modernity in tears with these natural lapis lazuli gem beads; and natural mother-of-pearl beads as well as its centerpiece the deep and intense red Murano pearl. Inside it, gold leaf brings this shine. They will brighten up your outfits or if you are daring, wear the completely offbeat ones with one side sober and the other in pearls. Stand out!

  • This model is unique like all the house's creations| it is not reproduced in series

  • 10% off your first order with code: BIENVENUE23
  • Delivered in their box with certificate of authenticity

Only 1 left in stock
  • Details

    These earrings are interchangeable, as the star stud earring can be threaded over the teardrop, providing different styling options. Their height of 6.8 cm makes them perfect for all occasions, whether formal or casual.

Bérengère Bourdil

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