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Bérengère BOURDIL is the story of a dormant artist who revealed herself at the dawn of her thirty-fiveth birthday through creations that combine modernity and originality with an offbeat style with a singular design.

Completely self-taught, she launches herself with complete confidence, looking towards the future. Some people have unsuspected abilities lying dormant within them. An artisan at heart, she makes a point of doing everything herself in her workshop located in an inspiring countryside. The company's offices are located in the heart of Paris.

Passion is his driving force!  Whether soft or exuberant, they are worked with precision and instinct.

What they have in common is the love with which Berengaria shapes them. Bérengère puts her heart into offering jewelry with a completely new concept in the world of jewelry with her own technique of inlaying precious stones in resin or silver paste.

Her inspirations are endless, she likes to surprise with combinations that mix natural flowers, freshwater pearls, Murano pearls and many others according to her desire of the moment.

All the materials used for making are rigorously selected for their qualities and durability to offer jewelry as eternal as the feelings of the person giving them. The exotic leathers come from French luxury houses.

All his artisanal know-how and his artistic soul are highlighted and it is a real asset. A creative madness explodes within her for multi-faceted women like you. Your eyes filled with joy is a success for her because what matters above all is to please and give happiness to the people who will wear her creations.

Bérengère Bourdil

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